Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why I Sew

I love Sewing Mama RaeAnna's idea for this series!  Here's my story:

My passion for sewing probably began earlier than I can remember---on those precious afternoons I spent one-on-one with my Grandmother Ruby, who kept me as a preschooler while my mom was at work.  She loved sewing and had a closet full of supplies left over from her beautiful projects.  She gave me free reign over ALL of them!  It was a creative wonderland.  I recall her sitting with me, showing me how to stitch--first with a needle and thread--then propped up on a stack of telephone books at her sewing table.  After starting elementary school, I still spent mornings, afternoons, and breaks at her house.  I loved spending time drawing patterns for little doll clothes and stuffed animals.  She introduced me to different techniques whenever I would ask--but for the most part, she let me experiment independently.  I fell in love with the trial and error process of taking an intangible idea and forming it into an actual object.

It wasn't till I became an adult that I started wanting to make useful items:)  Many of my first "real" projects were baby gifts for friends as we starting having children.  They were FAR from perfect; as I still had a lot to learn. 

 In fact I'm still learning and hope never to stop!

One thing I've learned, is that our God is creative at his core.  He made us in his image and placed in us a little of his desire and ability to CREATE:).   As humans, we reflect Him imperfectly.  But I can't help but think that when we develop and use those gifts, however limited we may be--that it honors Him.

This blanket, was one of my first "grown-up" sewing projects.  I gave it to a sweet little newborn in 2007.  In 2012, his mom sent me a message. She asked if there was any way I could revive the blanket because it was completely threadbare and falling apart from use.  That little boy--no longer a baby---NEEDED it. 
It was THE blanket.  
As I sat with my seam ripper and that pitiful-looking quilt, picking out stitches I had sewn over 5 years before, I had never been so proud of something I'd made.  I remember thinking to myself, "THIS is why I sew."

Sewing had given me a way to show love.  A way of showing others they are important to me by sharing my time, thought, and energy---to make something just for them.  Not everything is treasured forever, no doubt.  Of course, plenty of items I sew have certainly made their way into Goodwill bags and hand-me-down boxes.  But that is perfectly okay too!  Sewing has accomplished it purpose as creative outlet for me, and expressing love to others.  Pretty satisfying and worthwhile!!

So--I keep on creating for family and friends, and designing patterns for my shop,
My sewing and designing time is limited though, as I do take frequent detours to teach and assist my kids with the spontaneous projects THEY just HAVE to make!  I love passing on this skill to them and fueling their creative fires:)

And I relish every single bit of it!

Everyone starts somewhere.  We all have different goals and reasons for being part of this craft.  That is the spirit behind the "Why I Sew" series.  I just love this online sewing community we have going! I'm thankful that it is, by and large, encouraging, inspiring, and positive!  Comment, link up, and share why you sew!  Check out other bloggers' stories here:

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