Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The 10 Minute Cozy Poncho Tutorial

I see warm, drapey blanket ponchos everywhere I look these days!  They are just perfect for wearing on a hayride, sleigh-ride, or roasting marshmallows outside.  

As a sewing person I inspect clothing constantly to see how it's constructed.  It's a little embarrassing sometimes when I get a raised eyebrow from friends who haven't shopped with me before, or from fellow customers in a store.  My kids just tell them, "My mom is seeing how she can make that!"  Well, this one is just TOO easy not to share.  Grab a yard and a half or so of a beautifully printed, non-fraying fabric and you are literally 10-minutes away from finishing one of these!  If your fabric of choice needs to be hemmed to prevent fraying, make that 20-30 minutes tops.  For mine, I used fleece.  

This project is essentially just a rectangle. To get your size, take the following two measurements:
First, you will get your width measurement.  Have your child stand with both arms straight out, or you can lay a long-sleeved tee shirt flat on the floor with arms out.  Either way will work.  Measure from the point at about mid-forearm to the same point on the other arm.  Mine was 30 inches across.
Next, you need your length.  Measure from the top of the shoulder to about half-way between waist and knee. Mine was 24 inches.  Double that length as you'll be folding the poncho over front and back.

Lay out your fabric with the direction of stretch running horizontally and cut a rectangle using your length and width measurements.  
Now, find and mark the middle point of your rectangle.

Cut a straight line from the mid-point of your bottom edge up to the middle point of the rectangle.  Toward the top of the slit, you may want to round out a narrow tear drop shape for a smoother neckline.  You can also use scissors to round the corners of desired.
If your fabric is prone to fraying, now is the time to sew a regular or rolled hem all the way around the cut edges.

Fold your rectangle in half from top to bottom with wrong-sides-together, so that the slit is in front. Find the mid-point of the right and left edges.  Stitch a horizontal line about 2 inches long on both sides as shown.  This will form your arm opening.

You may stop here if you'd like, or add a front closure.  I had two buttons and a hair elastic on hand; but a toggle, frog clasp, or button with button-hole would work well too! 

 If using an elastic loop closure, simply stitch down your elastic on one side, about halfway down the front slit.

 Attach buttons: one covering up the stitched-down end of your elastic, and one on the other side of the slit.  

 Voila!  You are finished:)  Just like that!
Send her out to enjoy the cool weather in her new Cozy Poncho.

I hope you enjoyed this free tutorial!  Check out the Ruby & Jack Pattern Shop on Etsy to find more fun projects to sew.

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